My entire family is seen by Dr. Larson

I have been seeing Dr. Larson for over a year now and I have never felt better.

When I first started seeing Dr. Larson and being adjusted, it was somewhat painful.  I almost dreaded going to see him.  He was such a nice man, I thought, just keep going to see him, he really believes this will help.  Also, he was witty and good-natured so no matter what, I did feel better when I left the office.

Little by little though, the pain began to subside.  My visits became less frequent.  Adjustments felt good.

Of course, my head and back aches disappeared but what was most amazing is that I actually went into maintenance.

I have never been in maintenance with a chiropractor before.  Dr. Larson is the first one to achieve this milestone.  He uses a different method, but it works.

I also saw Dr. Larson after an auto accident my wife and I were in.  He slowly nursed us back into health while taking care of the details with my insurance company.

I should say his wife took care of those details along with making sure I made my appointments.

My entire family goes to see Dr. Larson regularly.  I advise you to go see Dr. Larson and let him help you.

If you want to ask me about my experience with Dr. Larson, ask him for my phone number and I will gladly discuss my experience.