Experience the Gonstead Technique. The science behind this cutting-edge technique results in the most accurate, specific, and definite approach in evaluating and adjusting the spine. Because the spinal column is a dynamic structure affecting the entire body, the Gonstead Technique uses five criteria to check the spine
 for motion, soft tissue damage, and neurological dysfunction. This valuable and detailed analysis includes instrumentation, static palpation, motion palpation, visualization, and spinal imaging followed 
by adjusting the articulations of the spine by hand only. Through this comprehensive, proactive approach to correcting the spine, we find that the entire body begins functioning better as a whole. There is a clinical logic to every decision made for each and every patient. This ensures the principles outlined by Dr. Gonstead will be duplicated, the results achieved, and satisfied patient referrals stimulated.

Gonstead adjustments are incredibly safe. Our patients range from young infants and children to those older in years, as well as pregnant women, celebrities, and professional athletes. Our team is comprised of highly experienced Gonstead doctors that have helped thousands of people regain their health and vitality. Our doctors are focused on immediate pain relief, but our approach goes a step further to correct the cause of the problem. Most patients under our care not only report relief from pain and discomfort, but as their spinal joints align and  begin to heal, they notice other conditions clearing up as well.


Correct biomechanics of the intervertebral disc is at the foundation of the Gonstead Technique. The curves in your spine act as a spring or shock absorbers that resist gravity. They also protect and reduce forces acting on the spinal cord and nerves exiting the spine. Proper curves are dependent on the health of your intervertebral discs. Unfortunately, gravity, poor posture, improper physical activity, injury, and disease can all play a role in the misalignment of your spinal joints and, as a result, affecting the entire structure of your body.


Your spine houses and protects your nervous system, the most delicate and important organ system, which is responsible for your day to day bodily functions. From your immune, cardiovascular, and digestive system, to sexual function and mobility – your nerves are responsible for sending vital information and energy from the brain to your organs through your spine. Just as a kink in a garden hose can dramatically reduce the flow of water coming from the tap, a spine out of alignment dramatically reduces vital information going from your brain to vital organs. Thus, your organs are much more susceptible to malfunction and disease. It’s not just coincidence that people with poor posture tend to lack energy and suffer from fatigue, experience random aches and pains, as well as suffer from headaches, allergies, ear infection, sleeping disorders, gastrointestinal issues, asthma, high blood pressure, etc.