The restored energy delivered by dynamic Cellular Exercise gives cells the power to:

  • Increase circulation
  • Expel cellular waste
  • Absorb nutrients
  • Rebalance electrical charge
  • Reduce pain

“What if you could harness this powerful force field inside of you to feel better, sleep longer, and, most importantly, ease your chronic aches and pains?


That’s the promise of magnetic therapy. It uses the power of magnetic energy to redirect electrical impulses to the areas where you feel pain, so relief can begin.”


Dr. Mehmet Oz

Professor of Surgery, Columbia University

Emmy-winning host of the Dr. Oz television talk show.

A fruitful Analogy of Cellular Vitality

Imagine a cell in your body as a fresh grape; healthy, vibrant and alive. Now imagine that same cell as a raisin, once a vibrant grape, drained and dry of all its vitality. This illustration of cellular decay is similar to what happens as our cells can no longer receive vital water, minerals, and other nutrients.

Disease manifests when impaired nutrient flow and waste accumulation inhibits the cell’s natural repair cycle. Restoring these key elements is without a doubt the key to overall health of your body.

The New Generation of Health Support

Cellular Exercise is the next step in the evolution of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). Safer and more effective, the bio-compatible electromagnetic pulses of Cellular Exercise systems not only recharge the cell, they penetrate the cell walls and cause them to contract. Exercising cells this way speeds up healthy circulation of nutrients and expulsion of toxins, allowing the body to rejuvenate as it should and is proven to help:

  • Alleviate pain and reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate tissue healing & strengthen bones
  • Relieve injury and fatigue
  • Support neurotransmitter balance
  • Reduce stress & increase relaxation
  • Achieve a deeper, more restorative state of sleep